Taoist Workshops 2018: Working Opportunity

For better serving the attendents who attend the DaMo Qigong & Taoist Internal Alchemy Workshop 2018 we plan to recruit a native-English guide with the following specifics:

The Nature of Work
Work for the program in exchange for study at lower cost

Work Locations:
Mount Wudang & Wuhan

Working Time:
September 5, 2018 - September 25, 2018

Native-English speaker
Fluent in oral Chinese
Know Wuhan and China and lived in China many years
Good at communication skills with group members
Pick up attendants from Wuhan International Airport and bring them to Gree Tree Inn Hotel where people meet
Bring attendants to Weuchang Railway Station, get aboard the train heading Wudang, take care of them during the trip.
Bring attendants up to Mt. Wudang and check in TianXin Hotel
Take care of attendants' needs during their stay, study and travel in Wudang
Bring attendands back to Wuhan from Wudang and take care of their needs and safety

Attend the workshop for free
Accommodation in Wudang provided.
Free transportation between Wuhan and Wudang and free Wudang mountain admission thicket
Free Taoist clothes
Pay RMB 2,000
No other hidden costs


People who have interest and can meet the requirements are welcome to contact us at workshop@taoiststudy.com