Taoist Workshops 2018: Travel Arrangement

Group Travel Arrangement from Wudang Shan Airport to Wudang Scenery Zone on September 5-10, 2018 and back trip from Wudang Scenery Zone to Wudang Shan Airport on September 24, 2018.

We will prepare the free pick-up service from September 5 - 10, 2018 and a return trip from Wudang Hotel to Wudang Shan airport on September 24, 2018. So, all participants are advised to arrive at Wudnag Shan Airport prior to September 10, 2018. People who come earlier are welcome to stay in the hotel on Wudang where our working staff be stationed.

Also, we choose the date September 10 to begin the course is due to the fact that world wide airlines offer very lower travel tickets after the first several days of September. So, this can well lower the total costs to faciliate people's travel.

The following are pictures showing the Wudang Shan airport located close to Wudang Mountain

Wudang Shan Airport

1. We will provide the following free service to participants:

  1. Free pick-up from Wudang Shan Airport (WDS) to Tianxin Hotel on Mt. Wudang

2. For participants please understand the following arrangement:


  1. We plan a trip from Wudang Shan Airport to Tianxin Hotel and Tianxin Hotel to Wudang Shan Airport. We'd like to offer help for participants who want to take the train by themselves (book train tickets in advance and seeing-off service for free).

4. Book a hotel room at JinJiang Inn (Beijing Western Railway Station) (no pick-up service offerred from us)


  1. For people who want to fly to Beijing where to take a train heading Wudang please click the following two links to book a hotel room at JinJiang Inn Hotel (Beijing Western Railway Station). Please understand the train heading Wudang is an overnight train and can only arrive Wudang the next day. So, please understand your latest hotel leaving date is September 8th)
  2. We can book the train ticket for you in advance upon receiving your request together with your passport name, passport number, nationality and travel information. Please pay us back the fee when you arrive in Wudang

5. Book a hotel room in Shanghai (South Railway Station) (no pick-up service offerred from us)

6. Handbook for reference: Getting from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to Wuhan Hankou Train Station before traveling to Mount Wudang on a China train.

This handbook provides people or tourists with information regarding how to check out Beijing international airport, take airport bus to reach BaWangFen area – an area close to Western Beijing Train Station - take taxi to reach Western Beijing Train Station finally, buy a train ticket the same day, line up to enter lounge room, line up to check the ticket. get aboard the train eventually. Some attention points and helpful Chinese-English phrases are provided. In a word, it is a very useful handbook for all people to plan to travel to Wudang via Beijing.

Please click the following link to download the handbook.


For more information regarding the workshops please contact us or by the following means:

Email: info@taoiststudy.com
QQ: 911433250
Skype: lee_shi_yuan