Taoist Workshops 2018: Registration


Many thanks for your interest in this special journey to sacred Mount Wudang and the Taoism Treasure, Wudang Taoist internal alchemy study!

Want to relax in a sunny mountain setting, while enjoying learning Tao energy healing and meditation skills? Are you ready to quicken your path to energetic health? Curious to learn the science of Taoist inner alchemy, and self-generate a feeling of whole-body bliss? Want to understand the truth of the corporeal world and how it operates, from a viewpoint that inculdes elements from both  Buddhism and Taoism? Want to make sure whether a transcending staircase that could eventually lead to final enlightenment really exists, and, as a transmundane means, how to make use of it? Want to feel your body move gracefully in a tai chi form or Taoist Yoga postures? Seeking a new career in energetic bodywork and personal development? Want to know how the soul transmutes from one entity to another, without end, to fulfill its destined course charted by karmic effect? Interested in taking charge of both your worldly and spiritual destiny through the way of  reversal ?

If you answer is YES! to any question, the retreat on Mt. Wudang is the right place for you. Whether you are a beginner who wants guidance from top masters or a professional seeking to refine your skills and gain certification, at Mt. Wudang you will receive the best possible training.

With class in place from 1996--2017, we continue to offer the most in-depth understanding on mundane means and provide the effective transmundane means for spiritual enlightenment.

Regardless of age, sex, race, or spiritual path, you will be welcomed into a warm and friendly community of Tao practitioners that laughs a lot and knows how to have enjoyment in the pleasant journey!

We may offer special group study program in the sacred Taoist temple Purple Heaven Temple for one or two nights to experience the Taoist life there. So, we are planning for more interesting events to entertain your spirit and broaden your mind, in the way that we regard as very special and unimaginable.

The Cost and How to Register

1. The total cost for one session is USD 2020. Such costs include the following items 1 - 14.

2. If you pay all costs, in full, prior to August 15, 2018, you will receive 10% discount, which means the total cost is USD 1,820 (registration fee not included).

3. We recommend you fly to Wudang Shan Airport and take the bus to the retreat location in Mount Wudang. Besides, it is our obligation to book train tickets when people come or leave Wudang while offerring all possible assistance with their travel within China.

Costs items list:

1. All single occupancy 3-star hotel in  Wudang mountain for 12 nights, September 10-23 inclusive (Please clcik here to see the hotel room)
2. Wudang scenery zone admission tickets (now at CNY 248 per person)
3. One set of Traditional Taoist clothes, deep blue color, with auxiliary shoes and caps included, costing CNY 550 (Please click here to see the Taoist cloth)
4. Graduation certificate for the workshop
5. All studying and training fees
6. Workbook, assistant book and materials
7. Three vegatarian meals per day as indicated in the itinerary, no wine, alcohol and no spicy food.
8. English speaking guide service
9. Opening ceremony to be held in Southern Cave Temple

Price does not include:

1. International or domestic  airport tax, departure tax, fuel surcharges, or any other surcharges, China domestic airport tax, or excess baggage charges.
2. Wudang Shan airport shuttle bus tickets, metro tickets or taxi between Wudang Shan airport and the Tianxin Hotel located in Southern Cave Temple .
3. China Visa Fee
4. Personal expense, personal shopping, personal tour to scenic spots within Wudang scenic zone, personal spending when getting aboard the train or airplane.
5. Travel insurance; which is highly recommended. You are strongly urged to obtain  travel insurance which has adequate health insurance. If you do not obtain such insurance, you must sign a legal release. Please check the terms and conditions of the issuer of your travel insurance policy as they are defined in the policy's exclusions and cancellation clauses, which outlines your coverage and limitations.

Discounts & Remarks:

1. For couples or friends coming together to attend the workshop and to share one room we'd like to offer USD 1900 (for full payment) and USD 1700 (for people who enjoy the 10% discount). For details please contact us
2. Price is based on people paying by cash or T/T transfer
3. Special air add-on flights to Wuhan is available, only good for Air China's Int'l air connection.

How to Register for September 2018

There are altogether two steps to finish all formality for attending  the workshop:

1. The first step is: Reserve a place
2. The second step: pay the remaining cost (You can complete payment a little later lest  you cannot come due to something urgent arising. Please also understand such step should be completed 15 working days in advance before your arrival in China)

The First Step: Reserve A Place

To reserve a place and become a normal student for the workshop, please pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 US dollars via PAYPAL service,  by credit card or with your Paypal balance. No place will be held for you unless your deposit has been received.

You are advised to  reserve your place as early as possible. Last minute applications are accepted on space available basis.  The workshop is limited to 30 people for each session.  

For more details please feel free to contact us at  workshop@taoiststudy.com  if you prefer to use electric wire (T/T) or Western Union.


Please click the following link to reserve a place on the September 10 -24, 2018 retreat 

NOTES: Please make sure you want to attend the workshop before clicking the button. You only need to click once! Please do not click more than one time. Once you have made the payment please send an email confirming your deposit to workshop@taoiststudy.com

The Second Step: Pay the Remaining Cost USD 1,920

To complete payment of the fee for attending the workshop, please pay the remaining cost of USD 1,920 via electronic T/T transfer or Western Union, at least 10 working days before your arrival in China. You are welcome to  use the following T/T transfer information to pay.

Option 1 - T/T Transfer
Account With: Bank of China, Shenyang Branch
Beneficiary: SU GUI JUN
Account No.: 6216 6104 0000 0503 060
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ82A
Bank Address: Shenyang China

Option 2 - Western Union
Given name: GUIJUN
Surname: SU
Address: Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy, Purple Heaven Palace, Wudang Scenic Zone, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China

NOTES: After making the payment please tell us the MTCN number of the transfer, the Sender's First Name, the Sender's Second Name.

Option 3 - Credit Card via PayPal
Please contact us first if you prefer this option
Notes: In case you intend to pay the remaining cost by credit card via PayPal,  please bear the 3.9% transaction fee because PayPal would charge us for commission fee.

Please note:  The 10% discount applies if the payment is made prior to August 15, 2018 (i.e. USD 1,820, registration fee not included).


We look forward to sharing this magical journey with you and growing together in health, mentality, and wisdom through the exploration of the ancient Taoist enlightenment arts.


For more information regarding the workshops please contact us or by the following means:

Email: info@taoiststudy.com
QQ: 911433250
Skype: lee_shi_yuan


Are you interested in program, but not sure you can attend?  Please click here to make an intent registration for future contact


Wudang Workshop 2018