Science and Philosophy: An Overview of a Variety of Philosophical Topics

1. Science and Philosophy: Time, Space, Relativity Theory, Big Bang, Particle Physics and So On

NOTES: Some contents are from the website
If life is a journey, then philosophy is like a compass. It helps us to find our way through the jungle of possibilities that life presents.

This website is about philosophy in the widest sense. It includes science, religion, mythology and other fields of thought that are not within the traditional scope of philosophy. However, it makes not much sense to treat these fields separately. Everything is connected. If one views anything from any possible angle, it can only increase understanding.

Most people with Internet access are familiar with the problem of information overload. Here we borrow some contents from to present information succinctly, so that -hopefully- the gist of each topic is preserved, while not much else is said. It is intended for the reader who wants to get an overview of a philosophical topic in a minimum amount of time (By Thomas Knierim):

Science and Philosophy: Introduction to Relativity and 21 Centrury Physics
Science and Philosophy: Special and General Relativity Theory (Albert Einstein)
Science and Philosophy: Time Dilation
Science and Philosophy: Spacetime - the Relative View of Space and Time


2. Science and Philosophy: Selected Links

2-1. An Introduction To Awareness

"How can Reality be ‘One’ when it is patently obvious that we are all separate beings? Can Reason entertain a reality different than that of the Materialism that pervades our thoughts?" These are some of the questions which James M. Corrigan, the author of the book An Introduction To Awareness, explores on his website. The website contains many lucidly written essays and conversations as well as podcasts.


2-2. Teachings and Writings on the Spiritual Path

By P.T. Mistlberger, therapist and spiritual teacher. This site covers eastern and western spiritual teachings, provides links to the websites of gurus around the world, and presents some of the author's own writings. A wonderful resource for those on the spiritual path. Don't miss the Peanuts Gang forum.


2-3. Buddhanet

Buddhanet has extensive information on Buddhist topics. "Buddhanet is the result of a vision to link up with the growing worldwide culture of people committed to the Buddha's teachings and lifestyle, as an on-line cyber sangha." The site carries a large collection of E-books in PDF format about Buddhism, Real Audio dharma talks, directories, as well as a large online library of downloadable files. The presented information is not limited to any particular branch of Buddhism.


2-4 Images of Taoism

Jeff Rasmussen's Illustrated Tao Te Ching, introduction to Taoism, literal pictograph-by-pictograph translation, annotated links.


2-5. Philosophie und Logik

The learned philosopher, Uwe Wiedemann, presents a variety of topics dealing with logic and language on this website. The "coherence theory" section is outstanding. This site also features a comprehensive dictionary of philosophers, introducing several hundred logicians and philosophers from all backgrounds. All content is in German.


2-6. Episteme Links

Without doubt you will find the Episteme Links directory useful for your philosophical research. The site contains thousands of categorised links to philosophy resources on the Internet and it features a highly interesting "Gems of the Net" archive.


2-7. The Talk.Origins Archive

The Talk.Origins Archive is a large collection of articles and essays about evolution. It is originally a spin-off of the talk.origin usenet group that explores the creation/evolution controversy. Over the past few years, the Talk.Origins Archive has grown into a comprehensive library covering diverse topics such as biology, anthropology, palaeontology, geology and even philosophy, making it an excellent resource for evolution-related studies.


2-8. The Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

This site is a great starting point for philosophical research. It offers alphabetical search for philosophers and philosophical keywords, a time line and a philosophy text collection.


2-9. Early Greek Philosophy

This site presents early Greek philosophy based on the 3rd edition of John Burnet's famous study of Pre-Socratic philosophy, originally published in 1920. Among the philosophers treated on this site are Thales, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Empedocles, Democritus and Plato.