Annotation upon Huang Yuanji’s Meditation Practice

Huang Yuanji, literature name Yuanji, born in Qing Dynasty, in Fengcheng County of Jiangxi Province, birthday and deathdate unknown. He once engaged in teaching inner alchemy tactic in Lok Yuk Tong, a private school of Sichuan Province. Recording what he taught his disciple compiled the following books as "Lecture Upon Tao Te Ching", "Lok Yuk Tong Quotations," “Essential Words with the Door of Taoism,” which have been in circulation up to now.  Reportedly there still in circulation the books as "Personal Knacks of Mysterious School, " Commentary upon Mind Awakening Cannon," "Notes upon Seeking Mind Sutra" as well as other books, but unfortunately it has been difficult to find.

Huang Yuanji had his Tao cultivation attaining to "golden elixir pill,” and his deep attainment enabled him to offer profound elucidation of great Tao. With study of sage being inside and sovereign being outside, together with the practical knacks upon approaches of returning to the very source he successfully integrated both study within one furnace, and devoted his learning into the book "Lecture Upon Tao Te Ching." " Lok Yuk Tong Quotations" also carries the main parts of his study on internal alchemy. A careful perusal of them can bring reader a vivid scene about his persuasive and moving teaching.

Mr. Huang also gained influence from books as "Jade Decree on Both Innate Nature and Life Force", "Sings True words", "Traces of Wu Liu Ancestor Immortals" as well as other study of Taoism schools. He could well master the gist of these books even to resonate with the heart. Mr. Huang in former days taught the people with the principle and the knack being given equal attention. He did not stick to one method, but taught students in accordance with their aptitude, a distinctive style many people extolled him. Mr. Hong Shuofeng of Taiwan also concluded that "Jade Decree on Both Innate Nature and Life Force " made up the academic thought structure of his study, as well as the guiding principle and the basis for his teaching.

This book “Annotation upon Huang Yuanji’s Meditation Practice” was compiled by Qiu Ling and it carries many excepts from the books "Lecture Upon Tao Te Ching" and "Lok Yuk Tong Quotations," together with other related subjects from books of I-Ching, Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi, Da Cheng Jie Yao and so on. Putting together the essential parts of Huang Yuanji’s study this book can well serve as a guidance book for internal alchemy practitioners

This book was written in Chinese.

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