Retreat House: Design and Budget Plan


Design Drawing

check the following simplified drawings plus the effect diagram to get into the details of the project. At the end of the page we attach the drawing in DWG format together with browser that can be used to view the file. For more information please contact us at Our pleasure to answer all your inquiry


1. Simplified Drawing Collection

1-1. Drawing

Retreat House Drawing


1-2. Simplified drawing


Retreat house drawing



1-3. Simplified drawing


Retreat house drawing


1-4. Simplified drawing



1-5. Simplified drawing


Retreat house drawing

1-6. Simplified drawing 6


Retreat house drawing


1-7.Effect diagram




2. Project Budget

The actual construction square measure is 900 m2, the average construction cost remains at CNY 1,400 per square meters (labor costs, material costs, decoration not included). So the construction costs CNY 1,260,000. The decoration is based upon the standard of CNY 500 per square meters. So, decoration costs CNY 450,000. The final cost is CNY 1,710,000, equivalent to USD 275,806.


3. Donation Progress

Total Budget Donation Received Percentage of Completion
USD 275,806 USD 5,697 2.06%


4. Design file and browser for download