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Wudang Mountain, the famous scenery destination in China, whose perimeter is over 800 km, full of beautiful mountains and primeval forests, was always regarded as the meeting place between heaven and earth. The charming scenery and the legendary stories had been invariably inducing many Taoists and hermits in the history of China to come for cultivating inner elixir for longevity and enduring health well-being, physically and mentally. In a long run in history, Wudang Mountain was regarded as the origin place of China Taoism.


Many Taoism famous alchemy practitioners once were very active in Mt. Wudang. The number one God to be worshipped here is Zhen Wu (The Turtle God). In the old recordings available till now people can find that Zhen Wu was once a prince of a state called Jing Loe. From very young he preferred to read religious scriptures and lost interest to become an emperor. When aged 15 he bade his parents and went to Mt. Wudang to practice alchemy. During the following 42 years he experienced endless difficulties and finally became an immortal. Wudang Taoism is one sect characteristic of worshipping Zhen Wu God.


In the book Zhen Hao written by Tao Hong Jing there exists a recording that Yee Xee and Yee Gui in Zhou Dynasty, the first and second disciples of Lao Tzi, once practiced alchemy in Wudang. Their master Lao Tzi also visited his disciples once upon a time.


Chen Tuan is another very famous alchemist in the history. In around A.D. 950 he began to practice inner alchemy in mount Wudang which lasted almost 20 years. He created Five-dragon sleeping Qigong and later moved to Huan Shan. Nowadays people still can find the cave in which he practiced alchemy and read scriptures. He had lots of poem and calligraphy work and people can enjoy them till now.


Lu Dong Bing is very renowned in Western world for his legendary tales and magic power. He is one figure in the popular Eight Immortal legend. Lu Dong Bing wrote many poem in praise of the pretty scenery and quietitude in Mt. Wudang. He also finished many inner alchemy books when he stayed in Wudang. One is titled Personal Experience for Cultivating Elixir.

Zhang Shan Feng is a mysterious Taoist in Ming Dynasty. Due to his efforts the outside Kung Fu and inner alchemy practice combined together and the Wudang Inner Kungfu Fu came into being. Zhang Shan Feng created Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua Chang and Xing Yi Chuan here in the Tai Tzi Cave, not far away from Purple Heaven Palace. In fact, his the inner alchemy attainment matters much more in comparison with his Kung Fu creation. He wrote many inner alchemy poem and articles still very popular in inner alchemy circle. His poem A Tree Without Root is much often quoted in many articles and books. Elixir Cultivation Direct Revelation and Tai Chi Skills in Cultivating Elixir are very famous till now.


The medicine King Shun Si Miao was once a famous Taoist and hermit. He stayed in Mt. Wudang many years for alchemy practice and disease treatment and herbs picking and digging. In Chinese medicine theory and practice, his book Typhoid Fever Treatise is so important that almost all TCM students have to learn it for advanced understanding upon complicated diseases.


It is said that Zhenwu Emperor had been cultivating inner elixir her for over 40 years and became an immortal. Till now the Immortal-converting Cave still hangs half way down the Southern Cliff, beckoning resolute practitioners to follow his footsteps.


During the Song Dynasty, Wudang Taoism had developed into considerable size, forming its own organization frame, and set up many Taoist buildings. Till now upon the day of Zhenwu' birthday and immortal-converting date, pious people from nearby provinces would come here in endless groups worshipping Wudang Mountain from all directions.

Wudang Taoism evolved to reach the most prosperous stage in the Ming Dynasty. Cheng Emperor, Zhu-Li gave orders to emphatically enhance and develop Wudang Taoism after he was crown to become the emperor. He gave all the related orders by himself, personally, concerned about the reconnaissance and design of Taoist buildings, sent qualified officials to supervise the project, gave consideration to the Taoists' cultivation. When the construction project came to the end, there stand ed many immense buildings on the both sides of the 140-km old road leading to the Golden Peak.


Mount Qianshan features many beautiful peaks, precipitous cliffs, secluded valleys, high-situated Taoism temples, grotesque pine trees in strange shape, exuberant flowers of various kinds, etc. So, in history many inner alchemy practitioners seek silent place to cultivate inner elixir.


Now we plan to establish a remote retreat place deep in Mount Wudang, where people can stay far away from the uproarious world and gain a silent domain that only belongs to themselves. In today's China people cannot find any place suitable for long term meditation and we all know the wealth possession is not all of our life existence even it is a must. People should have a place to ponder over the real meaning of life.

With such a place, people come and enjoy very simple life and daily spending can be managable by working in the field or less than USD 4 every day. Serious meditation practitioners are welcome to come to enjoy the simple life and live a farmer's life here for advancement along the road of enlightenment. So, with such place ready it is an ideal way to focus on the meditation and putting down all worldly entanglement that harass people from birth to death.


The place is located in the west on Golden Top of Mount Wudang, about 10 kilometers away. Local people are few and the road is remote. So, it is far away from noise and frequents by human beings.


We already got two pieces of land: one is one acre and another seven acres around. Also, a 250 square meters of simple farmers' house had built up. This house has 12 rooms with very simple condition inside. It can accommodate around 3-5 practitioners. It is an initial phase for the project and people can use it for a basis for the final phase construction because the second piece of land is located west of this house and commands a wonder environment many people cannot imagine. People can gain some ideas by looking at the photo below:



The Final Phase of Construction
About one kilometer west of the farmer's house people can find the place where we plan to build a 800 -900 square meters meditation house with 25-30 rooms. All rooms are with separate toilet and basic decoration, with all basic living facilities ready. People can watch the photo below to know it somehow.



A practical house to be modeled upon:
The following temple-like courtyard is a modle for retreat house to follow its example with some variation in wall color, storey numbers, dimension, inner house design as well as orientation. We will publish the final design here with more details.


Modle of House


Project Budget and Project Design

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Financial Support for the Project
To finish the final phase of construction financial support is needed. The detailed work to be done include:
A. One kilometer of road to be openned with bulldozer
B. One kilometer of electricity line
C. House of 800 square meters, 25-30 rooms inside.
D. 14 acres of farm land to be tilled and fenced against peccary pig.
E. 3-7 enclosed small wooden houses to be built in deep woods for practitioners in deep meditation state.

Guarantee & Donate
We are serious practitioners and we promise to spend all donation upon this project.

For people who have special needs or request for their donation please contact us directly.

So, people are welcome to donate some for such project. People who have special suggestion are also welcome to contact us at


Donation Progress


Total Budget Donation Received Percentage of Completion
USD 275,806 USD 5,697 2.06%


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