Taoist Internal Alchemy Study Workbook



Every year we sponsor Taoist internal alchemy workshop in Mt. Wudang, one virgin birth place for ancient Chinese Taoism. Many people feel Intoxicated by its rich contents, the depth of understanding and long history. Also, many many people want to study Taoism, especially Taoist internal alchemy, which is located at the very core of Taoism. Here we offer our workbook for reference to all students, researchers, teachers and practitioners.

We have enough confidence to believe such workbook can be used as a guide book for all people in this field because people can take the shortcut route to get the thread rather than getting lost in the chaotic learning trumpeted by so many self-claimed masters and teachers whose only purpose, on the pretext of "edifying people, enlightening people, disseminating benevolence or committing deliverance of degenerated mortal beings," is to grasp at the fame, influence or possession to be piled up.

All derives from nothing but earth, and, to which all should be destined to return...............
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