The Fundamentals of Meditation Practice by Ting Chen


1. The fundamentals of meditation practice by Ting Chen
Ting Chen, also called Zhiyi (538-597), is China's famous Buddhist leaders and thinkers in Chen and Sui Dynasty, and was revered as the fourth Tiantai ancestors. Actually, he was the real founder of Tiantai Sect of Buddhism, so often gotten called as Tiantai zhi zhe master.


This article details the prerequisites for proper meditation practice, the procedule as well as points requiring practitioners attention during the process.

The following lists the parts of the contents from his manual:


The Fundamentals of (Ch'an) Meditation Practice by Ting Chen. Originally, one's own mind and nature are pure, and there is nothing to accept and nothing to refuse; there is neither existence nor nonexistence; there is only clear understanding without attachment and with no dwelling. One who wants to know the no-attachment, no-dwelling mind can find it through meditation, because it is only then that the mind does not think of right and wrong, of good and evil or of self and others.


2. Video: How to Do Meditation

This video is useful for beginners who plan to do meditation practice.

Video: How To Do Meditation 


3. Basic Meditation Tutorial

Video: Basic Meditation Tutorial  


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