Kungfu Video Series: Tai Zhu Long Fist Boxing VCD

Tai Zhu Long Fist Introduction

Long Fist is also called Tai Zhu boxing which includes both Shaolin fist and weapons (Bingqi). Long Fist is the foundation for all of the traditional styles of external Kung Fu, and is easily identifiable by its acrobatic and explosive movements.

Chang Chuan is said to be the original Kung Fu system dating back to the Tai Zhu, the emperor of Sung Dynasty at 960 A.D. Chang Chuan has many long movements with stances, which are extremely balanced and strong. Chang Chuan has high kicks, jumping kicks and low stances as well but during combat most of the kicks are low and below the waist . The high kicks in the forms are generally used for stretching. There are also many weapons forms in Chang Chuan which are also long and circular movements like the hand sets.

Chang chuan is characterized by wide open sweeping arm and fist movements, low stances and high kicks. The high kicks are actually for practice not for fighting.
Chang chuan is an excellent exercise to promote good health. The system encourages strong stances, straight backs and relaxed supple waists and shoulders. Its practitioners derive much of their strength from their courage. It provides the strongest foundation for learning weapons. One important feature of chang chuan that others have adopted, is its honesty and spirit. The attitude that the bravest and boldest will win, always inspires confidence in the martial artist.

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Such VCD presents the martial arts forms by Huang Ming Jian, the Chinese Southern Boxing Competition Championship winner. And his teaching and presentation can help you quickly master the arts in a vivid way.

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