Kungfu Video Series: Southern-Style Sparring VCD


Introduction of Southern-style Sparring

Nan Quan (also called Southern Fist) is another form of Chinese boxing with a rather long history and a lot of schools and one of the more dynamic styles of Wushu. While just as dynamic as the the Long Fist style, Nan Quan concentrates more on arm and full body techniques, with less emphasis on the high, acrobatic kicking elements found in Long fist.

Nan Quan, which is relatively popular in various parts of GuangDong Province, each system having different style and features from the others. To form this series of Chinese boxing, the essentials of the different postures of the various schools were systemized and summed up. As a result, a series of systematic and integrated United Nan Quan has been created. It has very powerful and intense form and terse postures which enable every part of the body to be fully toughened, so young people are very eager to practise. Practicing the various styles within the Nan Quan system gives one great benefits.

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NAME: Southern-style Sparring (Nan Chuan)
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Such VCD presents the martial arts forms by Huang Ming Jian, the Chinese Southern Boxing Competition Championship winner. And his teaching and presentation can help you quickly master the arts from the superficial to the depth.