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The correspondence course contains 4 DVDs (MPEG-2 format, resolution 720 x 576, can view at DVD Player and most computers with Windows system or OS. DVD disc 1 tells how to practice, the preparatory section, the practice section and the ending section of each practice session. DVD disc 2 is the demonstration, DVD disc 3 also a different demonstration. DVD disc 4 discourse upon advanced practice, The correspondence course also includes the book The Way To Eternity and Correspondence Course. The video discs contain qigong master's teaching for 49 postures which is the first step of Laying Foundation and it is a very complicated series practice. Follow the practical teaching practitioners can personally know how to proceed with the practice, step by step.

The course material also contains the book The Way To Eternity (116 pages, A4 paper). Most articles regarding qigong on our homepages are just excerpt from the book and it is a comprehensive one which give a very clear in-depth description to Taoist internal alchemy practice theory and practical process.

Also, there are correspondence course material (47 pages, A4 paper) which teaches how to proceed with the first, second and third step and all relative information. Most practitioners cannot reach such level and here we offer the approaches. Practitioners are welcome to ask for any questions concerning the practice and more advanced steps and we will give reply in details as soon as possible. For more info regarding the workshop please click here.

All materials are in English. No Chinese characters.

The following lists the contents of each DVD:

DVD Disk 1: How to practice, the preparatory section, the practice section and the ending section of each practice session.
DVD Disk 2: Practice demonstration, series # 1
DVD Disk 3: Practice demonstration, series # 2
DVD Disk 4: Discourse on advanced practice

Such DVD series derive their being from many years of personal practice experience. Practitioners can lay a good foundation for proper Qigong practice by following the demonstration and instructions offered in the DVDs. Also, the reading materials offer the detailed explanation upon the whole process of alchemy practice and most readers (or practitioners) can gain an outline understanding towards this ancient way of enlightenment. No proper methods, no proper direction any eloquent narration in terms of enlightenment are nut an illusion, after all.

In the booklet Correspondence Course (47 pages), practitioners can find the contents in relation to the questions most practitioners would encounter. Answer to each question and problem is provided for and such instruction matters most in such booklet.

Also, one meditation approach called Chuang Tzu Mind-Fasting is offered for practitioners who want to meditate into deep level. Then about 10 articles for illumining people in their enlightenment course can help to broaden people's understanding, less or more.

Special features
many practitioners attend lots Qigong seminar or classes and learnt a variety of methods but failed to gain advancement at last. But If following the requirements and doing this course regularly and diligently, practitioners can quickly open up channels, cultivate Chi, motivate the circulation of Chi along the channels as they should, and finally enables the spontaneous running of small water-wheel-- diseases and disorders disappear in a stealthy way while energy and peacefulness prevail. Simple but effective, a little hard work is needed but well worth it, these characterize this set of correspondence course.

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Name: DaMo Qigong Home Study Course 4 DVD Series
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4 DVDs, English Version. English subtitle and dubbing
The book The Way To Eternity (116 pages, A4 paper)
The booklet Correspondence Course (48 pages)

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