Conquer Cancer By Qigong Practice DVD


Correspondence Course: Conquer Cancer By Qigong Practice

Such correspondence course contains 6 DVDs (MPEG2 format, 720* 576, playable at most DVD players and computers with Windows system), the guide book Conquer Cancer By Qigong Practice. The video disc contains qigong master's teaching for all postures and imagination method which is the first step of Laying Foundation and it is a very complicated series practice. Follow the practical teaching patients with cancer can gradually fumble to find the proper course for becoming stronger and stronger self which can lead to the success in conquering the formidable disease if they can follow the practice requirement. The pictures at right side are snatched from the DVDs for people to review. The teacher taught in detail the whole process from opening up channels, preserving enough Yang Chi, to deploy the Yang Chi to "attack" the tumor.

The following lists the contents of each DVD:

    * DVD Disk 1: 1-1 Attention Points / 1-2 Commonly-used acupoints in Qigong practice / 1-3 How to practice
      DVD Disk 2: Practice demonstration, series # 1
    * DVD Disk 3: Practice demonstration, series # 2
    * DVD Disk 4: Practice demonstration, series # 3
    * DVD Disk 5: Practice demonstration, series # 4
    * DVD Disk 6: Discourse on advanced practice to conquer cancer.

Such DVD series derive their being from many years of personal practice experience and summarization from many success cases of patients with cancer. Patients with cancer originally may want to receive face-to-face teaching for some Qigong masters. But because it is a very long course and patients may have to travel a lot to study in different places. The loneliness and emotional changes may amazingly affect their recovery process. So, from our viewpoint we prefer the self practice in home because patients can continue to receive the chemotherapy and radiotherapy as before. Another reason lies in that patients can feel comfortable with the care from their relatives and the peaceful mental state matters most in the recovery process of patients.

Patients with cancer who order our Correspondence Course are welcome to ask for any questions concerning the practice and we will give reply in details as soon as possible.

The price for ordering the 6 DVDs plus the Practice Guide Book is USD 199. It can be delivered by China Post and the postage is included. Generally speaking, 10 days to 15 days patients around the world can receive the package. Also such package can be delivered by FedEx or DHL in express mail. Please bear the shipping cost if such option is chosen. Please click the PayPal Buy Now button below to order such package by using credit card or PayPal balance.

Product Information

Name: Conquer Cancer By Qigong Practice 6 DVD Series
Products No.:VCD0488
Price: U$ 189.00
Package: 6 DVDs, English Version. English subtitle and dubbing / Guide Book (47 pages) included.

P.S. The pictures presented on the right are snatched from the DVDs

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