Kungfu Video Series: Ba Gua Chang Weapon VCD



Liu Jing Ru is famous Chinese BA Gua Chang inheritor and was born in Gao Yang County, Hebei Province. Now, serving as vice chairman and honored commissioner with Beijing BA Gua Chang Research Association, he began his study of Cheng style BA Gua Chang and Xingyi Chuan as early as when he was 10 years old and became an apprentice with Luo Xing Wu. Later he studied with He Zong Qi, the grandson of Mr. Yi Fu who created Yi Style BA Gua Chang. During his long time BA Gua Chang study, Liu Jing RU also got hard-won directions from other BA Gua Chang masters as Cheng You Xin, Liu Tang Feng, Wang Wen Kui, etc, thus gradually finishing mastering the essentials of BA Gua Chang and Xingyi Chuan.

The weapon Liu Jing RU uses to perform is called Yuan Yang Yue, a very special double hook-shaped sabre that can be utilized for defense and health fitness.

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NAME: Ba Gua Chang Weapon: Yuan Yang Yue
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Such CD is of English version and both the presentation and main-points explanation can help practitioners well understand and master such Kung Fu style.