Liojen Oracle Workshops 2016: Teaching Contents


Welcome to Wudang Liojen Oracle Workshops  2016

Such workshop is sponsored by Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy who is affiliated under Wudang Taoism Association. Their prominent master Hu Xuezhi and Kungfu master Guan will offer lecture and classes in the amazing Taoism Sanctuary--Holy Mount Wudang where both the ancient Taoism culture and profound inner alchemy practice history make up a wonder and inspiration to many oracle practitioners. There are many legendary stories and historic sites related to such ancient Taoism practice.

The following is the contents in detail we offer for our workshop.

Face-to-face-Liojen Oracle leacture

1-1: Liojen Oracle basics

Heavenly stems, earthly branches, Five element theory (五行), twelve Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖), the direction for twelve earthly branches, the five compatible combination modes of ten heavenly stems, the six compatible combination of twelve earthly branches, six relation of "clash" (冲), six relation of "opposing harm" (害), four modes of "compatible combination" (会) among twelve earthly branches, special relations of "punishment" (刑) between twelve earthly branches, six relation of "impediment" (破) between twelve earthly branches, things twelve earthly branches can stand for, twenty-four solar periods (二十四节气), sexagenary cycle (六十甲子), how to express month in sexagenary cycle (年上起月法), how to express day in sexagenary cycle (起日法), six relationships, voidness and death (空亡), hidden heavenly stems (遁干), the birth year in branch (本命), the fluctuation year in branch (行年), Lunar month in branch (月建), lunar month general (月将), heavenly disc and earthly disc (天盘, 地盘), twelve divine generals (十二神将), four seasons alternation and corresponding states of five elements, heavenly stems hide in earthly disc (藏干), twelve development phases (十二宫).

1-2: Nine Approaches for Setting Up Four Pillars

Rebellion and bullying (贼克法), comparison by yin and yang (比用法), wading through difficulties (涉害法), remote shooting (遥克法), star in position of yǒu (昴星罚),  searching outside (别责法), eight specials (八专法), prostrating humming (伏吟法) , hedging humming (返吟法)        

1-3: How to Put in Order of Twelve Divine Generals

Twelve divine generals form a cycle which can match earthly disc clockwise and anticlockwise depending upon the divination time and monthly generals (月将). Celestial Great One (贵人) is divided into day Celestial Great One (昼贵人) and Night Celestial Great One (夜贵人). Based upon different time and corresponding monthly general the twelve dinive generals can revolve clockwise or anticlockwise.

1-4: One Hundred Means for Interpretting Different Formula, i.e., Heavenly Disc, Earthly Disc, Four Pillas, Three Transfers

All Explanation Points in Collection (毕法赋), as the name implies, collects all typical points used much often in explaining Liojen Oracle formulas (课体). It enumerates one hundred lines of verses containing typical points in interpreting Liojen Oracle formulas, and each of these points can be merged with other points, thus forming explanation to most Liojen Oracle formulas. To give an explanation to one Liojen Oracle formula one hundred typical understanding points are not enough, but people can find one, two or three from these summarized points which together can finally assist in the explanation. For beginner to do Liojen Oracle divination, they generally don't know how to lay their hands on formulas before them, but if people can find the similar points characteristics of this formula, they can find the correct direction in interpreting the formula, with reference to practical things to be divined. For people who wish to master the Liojen Oracle Divination they have to memorize the one hundred lines of verses.

1-5. Ho Drawing and Luo Writing Basics and Tunnel Theory.

As the very foundation for Shu-shu, Ho Drawing and Luo Writing play very important role in understanding the invisible and inconceivable operating pattern of the nature - the underlying principle of great nature. Just because of the internal evolution in obsucrity that in outside things begin to show in a variaty of menifestations. Something fails yet other things may demonstrate in special way each because of the internal operation and evolution. So, by understanding Ho Drawing and Luo Writing people can obtain the insight to see something hidden and invisible that works to enable the presentation of things and events outside. Tunnel theory (通道理论) is a very special way to determine the year, the month and the day the thing happens or to tell the beginning and subsequent development of the event. It is very complicated but very important in determining the background upon which the event evolves and based.

1-6. Tunnel Theory and Its Application

Tunnel theory (通道理论), as a new tool, can be widely used to dive deep into the background in which the event evolves and help people understand the evolving course of the event from something internal in the core. It can help people tell the exact time of how the event evolve along its course in certain main pionts. So, it really can inspire people's thinking capability.

1-7. Standard 64 Formulas and Their Interpretion.

There are altogether 64 standardized Lioren Oracle formulas people should get formaliar with and we will teach them all. They are useful in interpreting the formulas. So, by studying them all people can enrich their skills in using and interpreting the Lioren Oracle.

1-7. Practical Case Study

We will choose 10 -20 typical Lioren Oracle formulas to demonstrate how to apply such miraculous divination tools in divining the events to happen in future, as well its application in administration of a company, in battle field, in wisdom and stratagem. People would feel excited as to know such colourful use in so many fields.


Daily Training Schedule

Item Time
Breakfast 7:00 am - 7:30 am
Lecture time 8:00 am–11:00 am
Lunch 12 pm - 12:30 pm
Afternoon lecture 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Dinner 6:00 pm
Evening practice 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm