Liojen Oracle Workshops: Seeking An Author

For better promote the study of Liojen Oracle we plan to write a big book that incorporeates almost all contents required by such study. In the book market it is a complete blank field and many people would enjoy such study for this accuracy and divineness in predicting the future events. So, here we seek a native-English author with the following specifics:

The Nature of Work
Work for the editing the Liojen Oracle book which may be over 1000 pages (A4 size)

Work Locations:

Working Time:
From 2015 on

Native-English speaker
Mastery of excellent English language
Know a little bit of Chinese I-Ching or Chinese astrology
Published some books written in English
Know how to edit article written by Chinese people who have no good command of Englsih
Know how to do self-publishing book
Good communication skills with self-publishing company
Work hard with such editing work

Share the copyright with our writing
Share the royalty together with our writer
Attending our workshop and bear only food and accommodation costs.

People who have interest and can meet the requirements are welcome to contact us at