Liojen Oracle Introduction


Da Liu Ren (or Liojen) is one of the three most powerful oracles--Tai Yee, Liu Ren and Qi Men---to know both good luck and bad luck in aspects of time and space (direction). Tai Yee is used to divine the big events that happen with countries, such as earthquake, hurricanes, massacre, natural disasters, etc. Dunjia is generally used for military action and take what strategic methods in ever-changing battle field. Liojen is mostly used for divining the general daily events, close to our daily life.

Liojen study was of so antiquity that many experts claimed its origination at three thousand years before and had close connection with Taoism theory and application. It is a very accurate model set up by ancients to imitate the regular and periodical movements of the nature by incorporating ancient knowledge of astronomy, geography, calendar, Chi Kung, Chinese herbal medicine and astrology, etc. Also, Liojen borrowed nutrition from Yin Yang theory, stems and branches knowledge, five elements and ancient assorted magic skills, in order to accomplish a complete presentation of the relationship between heaven, human beings and earth.

Liojen was established to be at a very high level of learning. In ancient China, general people seldom have the opportunity to look over it just a little bit unless there were accomplished Taoists or experts who would like to offer the knowledge.

In Western world, people revere I - Ching to such extent that they claim all things can be found the origin in it. The obscurity and paradox contents really make I - Ching looks so mysterious. But in fact, I - Ching only occupies a very small partition in the knowledge domain of Shu-Shu. Shu-Shu means the study of Chi and its special movement pattern. The operation pattern of Qi is invisible and stays out of the reasoning sphere of human's mind. The movements of Qi can be presented by the corporeal existence even Qi inside is intangible.

Every thing has its special Qi and special movements. Qi falls into five categories, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. When they meet they have to follow the operation law of five elements. Then comes out with different results.

I - Ching, the most-revered classic in Confucianism, only provides people with a generalized concept and understanding towards the world and lacks the accuracy and learning of astronomy and geography and calendar, etc. I - Ching only presents 64 hexagrams, each has 6 lines. So, the divination scope is limited to 64 * 6 = 384. To imagine using 384 lines to imitate the ever-changing world and assorted things predestines the failure and disappointments, to some extent. Liojen has been served as a practical tool for understanding the practical world from a far-removed time before. Also, Liojen adopts almost all techniques available in Shu-Shu. There are 720 basic presentation formulas because there exist 60 stems and branches harmonics and each harmonics can present with 12 kinds of changes associated with Heavenly Disk.

The Heavenly Disk used in Liojen differs very much from Dunjia. Later we will talk about such subject. In Liojen, there exist Four Pillars and Three Transfers. If using simplified twelve Earthly Branches to represent the divination seekers, the presentation formulas of Liojen should be 2 * 12* 12 * 12 * 12 *720 = 29,859,840. Most people can know easily that Liojen is perhaps the most accurate divination form to imitate the practical world and also the most complicated form.

Yet, to learn such art means a lot of difficulty in front and most people spent more than 10 years to digest the huge amount of contents yet still feel incompetent. That is a true story and newcomers really should understand this at beginning.

Liojen should not be regarded only as a tool for divination. That means the people remain in their childhood if they always hold such viewpoints. Its philosophic value, its special way for knowing the world and for forming the views towards the practical world matters the most for every person who can have the chance to peer into this colorful and amazing world.  Yes, we should always feel amazed at the wisdom of the ancient people who created this wonderful arts -- one tool which can help us to know many which remains invisible to us ever since.