Hepatitis C Recovery Capsule: Successful Case Report 3

The following below are three successful cases we chose to demonstrate the effectiveness of the medicine Hepatitis Recovery Capsule. We will publish more such reports after getting permission from more patients.


Case 3
Name: Ms. Lee, age 27, living in Shanghai
On October 11, 2002, the HCV RNA level was 9.0 X 10 6 / ml. Then took the medicine and on February 14, 2003 checked the level again and the result was HCV RNA negative. No relapse occured later on after 1 year observation.




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Email feedbacks from patients:
Dear Dr lee

This is Dr Jean in New york. I have started taking your pills as prescribed on July 29th. Effectively, the fatigue, the ribs and chest pain, the sloppy tools faded away. But myy supply is coming to an end.

My ALT is still up to the upper sixties. I would like to continue with the med, but my hard drive has crashed down and I have lost the address . could you please tell me again the address I want to buy it now , so I don't get any gap....I wish to receive it in 15 days
sincerely yours
Dr. Jean, md


Hi Dr. Lee, I have had hep C for 33 years. On Nov.13, 2003, my viral load was 4,110,000. I started the hep C pill that day.. On Jan. 13, 2004 my viral load was reduced to only 463,000. I still have about one and one half months supply of pills to take and I'm wondering if I should order more hep C pills (since it will take quite a while for them to get here) or if it will be necessary. Or should I take the cirrosis pill next. Your advice on how to proceed next would be most helpful. I am thanking God for this medication as I have been sick for many years!  Truly, Jane Ridley

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