Hepatitis C Recovery Capsule: Drug Producer


THPTH is a state owned medical organization incorporating one hepatitis research center and one clinical hepatitis treatment hospital. After many years of clinical experiments and exploration in the field of applying Chinese herbal medicine to treat hepatitis they have accumulated rich knowledge and the medicine Hepatitis C Recovery Formula - brought THPTH much fame and solidified its position in the field of Hepatitis Treatment.


THPTH has 20 years of history in its field of development and research. Now, the organization is under the leadership of Dr. Zhang Yuan, who is the director and graduate student from Liaoning TCM University. He studied many old recordings from ancient Chinese medicine books, Taoism Classics and collected many effective herbal formulas. He carried out clinical experiments upon himself with the assistance from his colleagues. Also, aside from seeking reference from old recordings he preferred to break the old rules of TCM and adventured to go into deep mountains to pick up 8 kinds of special herbs and did research work to verify their effects.


After many years of alternate failure and success, the final formula of Hepatitis C Recovery came into being and in 1997 this special formula won the Gold Cup Award of Excellent Medicine in China.


In the beginning, Dr. Zhang Yuan devoted much of his efforts upon the treatment of hepatitis B by using the Hepatitis C Recovery formula. Later on, in the clinical treatment process they found such capsule was more effective in treating Hepatitis C than hepatitis B. So, they diverted to this direction and after 4 years of experiment they had now more than 200 successful cases with patients HCV disappearing completely and the rate can reach above 69% on average. Some Hepatitis C patients, who have ascetic fluid due to liver cirrhosis, even got rid of the ascetic fluid and returned to their former working places after taking the medicine for an extended period of time.


We sincerely hope that you will be among the one’s who experience such wonderful healing results from the use of this formula.


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