Acne-Clearing Herbal Cream: Testimonial

Acne & acne scars


Case 1.


No problem at all to what have happen to the cream. The most important is the Acne-Clearing Herbal Cream.

I can't wait to tell you what i experience after 4 days of taking the herbal pills

I immediate change i notice is that oil production on my face has reduced significantly.

Herbal DrawingsI also feel good overall. Actually it help me to cure my flu !

I had 4 days of running nose when i received the pill . Just after taking 2 pills in the evening on the day i received and rest for the night, my flu symptom completely gone in the morning!

Another symptom that it help cure me is that it completely stop the bleeding of my gum. I experience bleeding in my gums whenever i brush my teeth. I have this bleeding experience for a week already, but after taking 4 days of
the acne pills it totally stop !

I'll wait to see any further improvement on my face. Keep you informed of my progress.

Best Regards

Ng Mee Kitty
Case 2.
  Dear Dr Lee

After taking the acne pills for 25 days, i 'm quite please with the results. My acne has recovered 70%.

I wonder whether i should continue another 40 days to improve the results further. What do you think?

The only 'side-effect' i experience is that my skin around my waist become very itchy and i scratch it often. I see red itchy rashes appearing. Well, if my acne can recover 100% this side-effect is bearable and acceptable.

Best Regards

Ng Mee Kitty

Case 3.
  Dear Dr Lee
> I would like to give positive commend on the yellow acne cream that comes
> together with the acne pills treatment course.
> i have followed the instruction to test for skin allergy and is fine on my
> skin. I apply the cream before i go to bed at nigt (as instructed), though i
> was initially worry that it might stain my pillow.
> I was very happy with the result from using the cream. After having an
> adequate sleep (8 hrs) i woke up finding my acne spots are fading away and
> those active ones are becoming smaller in size.
> In fact after i apply the cream at night for about 10 mins i can feel that
> the cream is working on the active acne.
> After using the cream for 5 days with adequate sleep (i emphasize sleep
> because itis a strong catalyse for my acne healing), i have recovered about
> 40% and is still healing as i write this email.
> To me the acne pills serve to heal from inside and it helps to counteract
> the effects that will cause the acne from breaking out. Perhaps my stressful
> life is having a major impact on my skin that the acne pills have help to
> counteract the negative effect, which is why (i think) the pills might not
> provide the healing as effective as it i want it to be on me.
> I think if i relax and take things easy and one step at a time, the healing
> will be more effective and i can achieve perfect skin.
> Best Regards
> Victor Latorre


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