Acne-Clearing Herbal Cream: For Acne and Acne Scars

Acne & acne scars


After more than ten years of research and experiment, the contemporary Chinese famous doctor Ren Fan'ai succeeded in developing one effective herbal formula invention called Acne-Clearing Herbal Cream.

Acne-Clearing Herbal Cream features the following function as quicken the blood circulation, transform the stasis, dissipate bind, soften hardness, regulate Qi, improve micro-circulation, stop itching, ease pain.

herbs for acneClinical experiment shows Acne-Clearing Herbal Cream can effectively treat acne and acne scars, regulate internal secretion system bidirectionaly, decrease the sebum secretion, shrink the hair pores, moisten and soften the skin.

Now the Acne-Clearing Herbal Cream has evolved to the No. 9 version after long-term clinical experiment and adaptation, and most people with acne can have their acne and acne scars under control within 10 -15 days. Most people can gain improvement after 1-3 days.

Together with Acne-clearing Herbal Cream Acne Herbal Pill is provided to regulate hormone. People with acute and chronic acne can get the herbs from local Chinese drugstore and prepare it by themselves.

Now Dr. Ren Fan'ai is working with Ankang Tiancheng TCM Hospital to receive patients.

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