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Who We Are

A group located in Mt. Wudang for promoting the study of Taoism, Buddhism, Qigong, inner alchemy and herbal medicine.

Taoism Study is a site for promoting the study of Chinese Taoism, Buddhism, Taoist Yoga, Taoist Kungfu, Taoist Qigong, Liojen Oracle, herbal medicine and other subjects in relation to Taoism and Buddhism. Our special mission is to promulgate Taoist internal alchemy -which are publicly termed as the "secret brilliant pearl of Taoism study" - for people who aspire for the spiritual development along a correct course.


We are located in Mt. Wudang, a holy mountain where the history of both ancient Taoism culture and profound inner alchemy practice make up a wonder and inspiration to many Taoist alchemy practitioners. There are so many legendary stories and historic remains related to ancient Taoist Alchemy practice that to take a look and be in the presence of such a place can truly motivate our undaunted resolution for reaching the very highest level of such spiritual development. The following below gives an account of the people who sponsor the site and program



The world is forever changing and we, Taoism & Taoist Study, want to help provide you with a great opportunity to reassess the options now available for a better and healthier life. We live by the philosophy of providing our clients with the same exceptional level of knowledge that we would expect. We pride ourselves to go above and beyond what our clients expect and to become more than just their partner and service provider.


Our Mission is to promote the study of Chinese Taoism, Buddhism, Taoist Yoga, Taoist Kungfu, Taoist Qigong, Liojen Oracle, herbal medicine and other subjects. Among them we especially focus on the study of Taoism. Taoism believe human being is part of a bigger cycle of nature. And our behavior should reflect our position, and through it, we find true peace. Taoism believe everything is connected somehow, human being is such an integrated part of nature, every part of our life is connected with the earth, the stars, the water, the whatever. And we need to go with the flow, take advantage of it, not against it. That's where all the "stay in the middle, don't anything“ (中庸,无为)come from.


We have been here from the time when Internet was first introduced. Taoism & Taoist Study was to provide a nice place for absorbing knowledge. Over the years, this commitment and determination has earned us awards and a solid reputation .. It is also the reason the value of us. Central to everything in which we set our minds, and hands to is our dedication to meet diverse range of demands. From the first-time on we will invest as much in our endeavor for such aim..


What We Do

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Mountains & Temples in China

Temples are the holy places where Taoists and monks perform their religious..

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Herbal Medicine for Treatment

To treat Ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease. diabetes, acne and acne scarring, etc.

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TCM Study

TCM practices include herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy, Tuina and massage

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Qigong Practice

Qigong means cultivating energy, a system practiced for health maintenance, healing,

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Online Store

An online store selling items in relation to Kungfu, Qigong pratice, Tuina, acupuncture

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Taoist Inner Alchemy

One discipline focuses on balancing internal and spiritual energies for enlightenment.

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Liojen Oracle

Da Liu Ren (or Liojen 大六壬) is one of the three most powerful oracles to know both good

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Wudang Taoist Workshop

Such workshop we sponsor aims at promoting the study of herbal medicine, Taoism, Buddhism, etc.

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Our Featured Projects

Here listed the projects we sponsor and people are welcome to choose anyone that arouse their interests.


Please read the testimonials our customers left with us and hope this bring impression to you.

Our Clients

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